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The forums are now working fine!

Hi all,
all the forum features which need an e-mail sending (registration, generation of a new password, reply e-mail notification) didn't work correctly due to the lack of a setting required by my ISP; the good news is that now everything works!

Sorry for the inconvenience.


DaDaBIK 4.2 final released

Hi all,
version 4.2 final is now available, the only difference with the previous version (4.2 beta) is that the Rumanian language is now complete.

In a few days I think I'm going to release version 4.3 alpha, which will support the master-detail view.

I think that for version 5.0 the DaDaBIK code will be in part re-written; even the data structure will change, allowing to have a DaDaBIK db, containing DaDaBIK meta data, separated from the DB(s) you want to manage.

If you have any advices about please discuss them by commenting this post.


Version 4.2 beta released

NULL values are an important aspect of the relational model so I decided not to wait for the 5.x release and to add this feature in this 4.2 beta version. Now DaDaBIK can handle NULL values.

Another feature implemented in this release is the new "is empty" search operator.

Check the change log for the complete list of changes.


Version 4.1 released, Web Design Contest

Hi all,
after almost three months of public beta testing, more than 4000 downloads and several bugs fixed I'm proud to announce the final version of the 4.1 release of DaDaBIK.

This version fixes some minor bugs; check the change log for the complete list of changes.

Thanks to all people who daily post bug reports on the support forum.

Some people experienced problems using DaDaBIK on MySQL 5 with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES enabled; I was not able to replicate the problem, if you have any clues please report them on the support forum.

Regarding my last call for developers, two people wrote me in order to start the collaboration so I hope DaDaBIK will have a new administration interface soon.

Now I'm asking for WEB DESIGNERS: DaDaBIK needs a new, usable and cool interface; send me your proposals: two simple HTML page (one for the record results view and one for the record details view) are OK; the best one will be the new standard DaDaBIK interface. The contest will close on March 31, 2007; more about the rules of the game in the next few days.

For the winner will be a good chance to spread his name on the Web, through this popular piece of software.


New release

Hi all,
DaDaBIK version 4.1 rc2 produced a "[08] Error: during query execution." error message during the installation so I have fixed the bug and published a new version, 4.1 rc3.


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