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DaDaBIK and italian open source contest

Hi all,
the new release of DaDaBIK (3.1 rc 1) should be available in the next week.

In the meantime, if you appreciate and enjoy DaDaBIK, I ask you a favour: take a minute to vote for it in the italian open source contest ( DaDaBIK is one of the 10 selected projects in the business category and now needs your vote :)

The site is only in italian, but voting is very easy:
1) you have to register (email, first name and text in the picture should be enough)
2) and then to vote DaDaBIK for the category "Business (Database, Office, System Integration)" using the code you will receive by e-mail after registration

Thank you :-)


DaDaBIK 3.1 beta released

Hi all,
DaDaBIK 3.1 beta is available.
The main improvements:

  • A new select query engine, that fixes the problems related to multiple references to a linked table and the multiple use of the same field name. This should also increase DaDaBIK speed.

  • A basic authorization model: it is now possible to allow a user to delete only his own records, modify only his own records, view only his own records. For the authentication the class simpleLogin ( has been (probably temporary) used, but it is possible to easily customize the authentication.

  • A new field type is available: rich_editor; it is a rich text editor (htmlArea 2.03 by that allows to easily insert/modify HTML content

As usual, you can check the complete changelog for further details.

The DaDaBIK on-line shop is now available, you can buy DaDaBIK t-shirts and other cool things :) In this way you can also financially support the DaDaBIK project.

Next release of DaDaBIK

Hi all,
I'm working on the next release (3.1 beta) of DaDaBIK and probably it will be released on July.

The release will contain:

- a rewritten engine that perform the select query using join and aliases (this fixes the problems related to multiple references to a linked table and the multiple use of the same field name)

- the ability to handle HTML content: a new field type rich_editor which uses htmlarea ( as rich text editor and a new content type: "html"

- a basic authentication model, that for the moment allows a user to change and delete only his own records.

I'm proud to announce that two people have joined the DaDaBIK project:

Debbie Sontag (debsweb at, who manages the support forum and has started to write some additional documentation and

Marcello Vitali (si13259 at who has implemented the rich text editor in DaDaBIK and is working on the authentication feature.

Stay tuned :)



DaDaBIK 3.0 released

Hi all,
DaDaBIK 3.0 final release is available.
This version fix several bugs discovered during the beta test, including some "[08] Error: during query execution" errors which appeared under particular conditions. It has been added also a new configuration parameter used to control the width of the results table columns.

I'm already working to the future 3.1 version, in which I will partially rewrite the engine that produce the SELECT statement, in order to fix the problems related to the multiple reference to a linked table and the multiple use of the same field name.
For further details see the changelog page.

I have also decided, starting from this version, to always release an upgrade procedure that allows to upgrade to a new DaDaBIK release without loosing the previous configuration settings.

Another way to support DaDaBIK, besides donations, is now available; I've put on this site some sponsored links to DWeb, a very interesting software product that allows the deploying of a PHP/MySQL application on CD/DVD. If you buy DWeb from these links I earn some money for every sale.


On friday may 7, 2004 I will be in Padova (Italy) at to give a
seminar about DaDaBIK and rapid MySQL front-end developement.

I will explain how to use and exploit DaDaBIK using a real life example. is the most important italian meeting for ICT professionals and talents.

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