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I'm looking for Oracle tester

Hi folks,
I'm looking for DaDaBIK beta testers who can test DaDaBIK with Oracle; I want to release DaDaBIK 4.0 beta after a MS SQL Server and Oracle test.

If you are interested, please contact me (eugenio dot tacchini at unicatt dot it)



Spam fighting

Hi all,
as you probably noticed, the support forum was becoming unusable because of the enormous quantity of spam and garbage posted.

I have deleted all the garbage and set the authentication required to post on the forum to prevent bot posting. The forum is now clean and usable as it used to be.

I have also deleted the spam comments from news, but since I haven't found any anti-spam method, it is not possible to post news comments any more. If you have any advise about, please let me know. I use cutenews ( here.

I hope not to have deleted any important posts/comments during this dirty job.



DaDaBIK 4.0 alpha released

Hi folks,
I'm proud to announce that DaDaBIK 4.0 alpha has been released; PostgreSQL support is here!

DaDaBIK now uses the ADOdb Database Abstraction Library in order to support as many DBMS as possible, at the moment it has been tested just with MySQL 4.0.x, 4.1.x and PostgreSQL 8.03 for MS Windows but probably works also with the other DBMS supported by ADOdb.
Please report on the support forum your DBMS test results.

As usual, you can check the complete changelog for further details.



DaDaBIK 3.2 final version released - update about version 4.0 alpha

Hi folks,
DaDaBIK 3.2 final version is available.
It contains some minor bug fixes and a fix to an important security problem: if two or more DaDaBIK installations were hosted under the same domain, if a user logged into one of them it was possible to access all the others bypassing the login procedure.

In the documentation, "Known bugs and limitations" section, it has been highlighted a possible security problem of the DaDaBIK authentication model, please read it carefully!!.

You can check the complete changelog for further details.

I'm working on version 4.0 alpha and I think I will able to release it before the end of June....I'm already able to install and use DaDaBIK (just the main features has been tested) over a PostgreSQL 8 DBMS on a MS Windows machine, so the development is at a good stage.


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