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DaDaBIK 3.2 final - PostgreSQL support for DaDaBIK

Hi all,
I'm going to release DaDaBIK 3.2 final version, that will contain just some bug fixes.

In the meantime, I'm working on the PostgreSQL porting of DaDaBIK.

I'm using a database abstraction library (ADOdb), so that in future will be easy to add support for other DBMS.
I think that the resulting code will be the base for DaDaBIK 4.x.

If you have any hints/tips about the PostgreSQL porting, or simply want to discuss about it, I have started a new thread on the general talks forum.

DaDaBIK 3.2 beta released - Web site improvements

Hi all,
DaDaBIK 3.2 beta is available.
The main improvements:

  • The authentication code has been in part rewritten, in particular DaDaBIK stores now user information in the database and passwords are now md5 encrypted, you can use DaDaBIK itself in order to add and delete users, show and modify users information and it is also possible to use a pre-existent users table.

  • Six new languages are available: Croatian, Polish, Catalan, Estonian, Rumanian, Portuguese.

  • The documentation has been updated and improved, in particular a FAQ section is now available.

A lot of bug have been fixed, in particular all the "Undefined variable" error messages and the "[08] Error: during query execution" error message that appeared in the details view if, for a field, the primary key field name of the main table was the same of the primary key field name of the linked table.

As usual, you can check the complete changelog for further details.

As you can see, some sections of the Web site has been added/improved: in particular the "Get involved & donations" section explains how to get involved in the DaDaBIK project.

I'm looking for someone who makes the commitment to keep in touch with all the translators, and send me all the translation updates every time a new DaDaBIK version is released; if you are interested, please contact me (eugenio dot tacchini at unicatt dot it).

Bad news are good news?

It seems that someone has registered the domain dadabik dot com (I don't link the Web site because I don't want to increase its google rank); the site is full of sponsored links, there is no content at all at the moment.....

Of course I don't have anything to do with those guys, the only official DaDaBIK Web site is this one:!

Spammers frequently post on the DaDaBIK forums, a defacer deleted the news comments from this site and now a site that try to exploit DaDaBIK popularity: not exactly a quiet period, just one positive thing I can deduce from these events: DaDaBIK is becoming very popular :-)

P.S. In a few days the new release will be available.

Lost comments

Hi all,
I realized that all the news comments disappeared.

Unfortunately my ISP can't provide the backup I need; anyway I have got almost all the old posts from the google cache, and maybe I'll repost them.

I don't know if this is due to a bug of the news management system I use (cutenews), but if someone has intentionally deleted the posts I just want to say: thank you, good job man, you are a true hacker...woooow...

Back to Italy

Hi all,
my vacation has finished, I arrived yesterday in Italy after a 30 hours you can see, DaDaBIK has arrived also in Australia.

I don't know if there are any DaDaBIK australian users over there, just want to say that Australia is really a wonderful and unforgettable place, and one of the best place to forget about PHP & c. for a while :-)


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