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$65 discount on Web hosting for DaDaBIK users

Hi all,
thanks to the rewards program of Dreamhost, I can provide a $65.00 discount for a year of Web hosting; the normal price for a year is $119.40, using the promo code DADABIK you'll pay just $54.40 if you are a new customer.

I tried several Web hosting services during my career of Web developer and it's difficult to find the perfect one; Dreamhost, as the others, isn't without defects. I don't like, for example, their marketing approach, which makes prices and features not very clear. However, it is probably the best Web hosting service I have ever tried. I am impressed by their very complete control panel, from which you can really do everything you need.

About the support, I am using Dreamhost for a project I'm working on (sharing Web hosting and VPS Mysql) and I had the chance to test it: I don't know if the service is the same for all the plans but they literally saved my life last Christmas night when, by mistake, I dropped a very important MySQL table....yes, I did it, it happens :(
After having waited some time, I managed to chat - during Christmas night - with a guy from the support and the next day they provided a backup of the table (created automatically) that let me recover almost all the data; I lost only the last 36 hours of activity. Just for this reason I think I can promote their services, something I usually don't do.

Let me know, if you try it, your impressions.

P.S. Note that sometimes Dreamhost provides other special discounts, different from the one I'm providing and that you can't combine discount with additional discount.

UPDATE: I realized that, to use the DaDaBIK promo code, you have to go directly to; at some point, the subscription procedure will ask you for an (optional) promo code. Furthermore, you should clean dreamhost cookies if you visited the homepage before, because otherwise the system takes the current dreamhost promotion as default. Very bad, I know :(
So I advise to look at the homepage and see if there is a promotion available, check if it is better than the one I am offering (could be) and if not clean the cookies and subscribe through using the DADABIK promo code.

DaDaBIK 4.4 beta is out!

Hi all,
a new DaDaBIK version is available. Back to work on DaDaBIK after a long parenthesis during which I was mainly doing research and working on my Mentor.FM project.

Version 4.4 beta fixes several bugs (see change log for a complete list).

A new bug related to dates has also been discovered and not yet fixed; not sure if it is correct to call it bug but for sure it can lead to unexpected results, modifying the date values you have in your database. Thanks to Mauri for having reported part of the problem, please look at the known bugs section of the documentation for all the details.

The lack of a locking mechanism has also been highlighted in the documentation, since the current behaviour could lead, in some situations, to unexpected results and data loss.

About the roadmap, the idea is to release a 4.4 final after having found the best possible solution for the dates "bug" and, later, to release a 5.0 alpha which will include a new security model and also provide a locking mechanism.

Stay tuned!

Next releases of DaDaBIK and new security model

Hi all,
I am glad to announce that Alessandro Andreoli, an Italian student of the University of Milan, decided to join the DaDaBIK team and to do a very important work on DaDaBIK as part of his master thesis in Computer Science.

Alessandro is working on the new DaDaBIK security model, something I wanted to implement since years but I didn't find the time to.
When his work will be finished, it will be possible to create group of users and to set permissions at a very granual level, for example saying that the group X has read permissions on the table customers while user Y has also write permission on that table, but not on the field customers.phone_number.

It is a very important shift toward the adoption of DaDaBIK in an enterprise environment.

A big "thank you!" to Alessandro from all the DaDaBIK community.

Another big news is that I'm writing from the United States, where I'm going to live for some months as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley.

I Hope to give you some news about the next release of DaDaBIK soon!


I need feedback from SQLite users

Hi all,
as you probably know, DaDaBIK now supports SQLite. Since February 2 2001, more than 30 SQLite installations have been registered online.

I would like to have feedback (good and bed feedback) from those users, because I'm going to release a new version.

I also remind you that the Like, disLike & Propose Wiki will still be available for one month. Please use it to tell what you like, dislike and propose about DaDaBIK. A feature selected anong the ones proposed will be implemented.



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