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DaDaBIK has SQLite support, v. 4.4 alpha is out!

Hi all,
I'm proud to announce that DaDaBIK has now SQLite support!

The SQLite database engine has become very popular in the last years and I think its support can increase the user base of DaDaBIK.

Since I experienced some problems in trying to write an ADOdb driver for SQLite3, I chose to use the PDO library instead; this means that you need at least PHP 5.1 to use DaDaBIK with SQLite.

Beyond SQLite support, you can find the complete list of new features, feature changes and fixed bugs for DaDaBIK 4.4 alpha in the change log.

Maybe it's important to point out that the SQL logging feature, due to some problems I experienced with the last ADOdb releases used since DaDaBIK 4.3 beta RC2, is not available anymore.


DaDaBIK can be flattred

Do you know flattr? It's a social micropayments system and I think it's a very nice idea.

You can help the DaDaBIK project by flattring it! Just click on the icon on the up-right corner.


DaDaBIK 4.3 final release is OUT!

Hi all,
I'm proud to announce the final release of DaDaBIK 4.3.

After 3 months of work, 6 intermediate releases, about 25 bugs fixed and several new features/changes, we can provide a final release.

I hope this could be a milestone in the DaDaBIK development process.

In this release the main changes are the upgrade to TinyMCE (this can fix security problems and other issues that the old TinyMCE version used could cause), the fix of the extracting problems with some MS Windows systems and the fix of some delete-all related bugs. The complete list of the changes are available in the changelog. The on-line changelog for some reasons didn't contain the changes for DaDaBIK 4.3 beta 3, this was fixed too.

I have added a small Amazon link to the Amazon mp3 store in the admin interface. If you buy mp3s from that link (can be a nice XMASS gift!) you can financially support DaDaBIK. If you don't like it, DaDaBIK it's open source so you can delete it.


DaDaBIK 4.3 rc2 is out

Hi all,
the main change is the upgrade of the ADOdb library.
Some users (thanks Chris) reported that DaDaBIK, with some PHP versions and error reporting settings, produced some "Deprecated" and "Strict Standard" warnings. This was due to the ADOdb version used, which was too old. DaDaBIK now uses the last ADOdb version for PHP5 and automatically load the last PHP4 compatible ADOdb library if you are still using PHP4. This can also fix security problems and other issues that the old ADOdb version used could cause.

Another improvement regards DaDaBIK code's footprint: a lot of not strictly-needed files has been removed from the official release, which is now lighter (zip file less than 2MB).

Finally, the single-donation button of the admin section now works as expected.

For the complete list of changes, read the change log


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