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DaDaBIK 8 Lerici is available

Hi everybody,
I am very excited to announce that DaDaBIK 8 Lerici is finally available.

Here you can watch a release video, containing an introduction to the new features.

It is the result of a huge work, mainly aimed at:
- reducing as much as possible the development time of a DaDaBIK application;
- providing built-in tools to analyze your data from inside a DaDaBIK application;
- allowing the injection of custom code in a DaDaBIK application without touching the core code.

DaDaBIK 8 Lerici has been refined and shaped during a quite long beta period, thanks again to all the beta testers!

You may wonder why "Lerici": I decided to give a name to each major release and I named DaDaBIK 8 after a wonderful small town on the Italian coast, where I moved for a period of time to focus on the development of DaDaBIK :)

For DaDaBIK 8 Lerici Pro and Enterprise we have maintained the same price of DaDaBIK 7; however, there has been a change with the license: with one DaDaBIK Enterprise license you can create maximum 10 active DaDaBIK applications (please note that you can create as many test applications as you want); the majority of users won't probably be affected by this change. With DaDaBIK Pro, the limit is 5.

As usual, if you are in your free upgrade timeframe (1 year for DaDaBIK Enterprise, 6 months for DaDaBIK PRO), you can request your free copy from the upgrade page.

If you have a DaDaBIK ENTERPRISE license and you are out of your free upgrade timeframe, you can also get DaDaBIK 8.0 by purchasing a maintenance license (€65), which also provides you with an additional year of free upgrade. Even in this case, you can do everything from the upgrade page.

We have also introduced a new, more expensive, version: DaDaBIK PLATINUM: it guarantees three years of free upgrade, the development of 30 applications and an improved supports that also include phone support via Skype/Hangout. You can compare the three versions here

Together with DaDaBIK Enterprise or Platinum, you will also receive Dada Sales, a simple sales management applications created with DaDaBIK, that shows many new features offered by DaDaBIK 8 and that you can use as a base to develop your own applications.

All the on-line demo have been updated to DaDaBIK 8 and a new Demo (again, Dada Sales!) has been added to the list.

Here are some of the new features provided.

1) A new, responsive, front-end
DaDaBIK has a completely new, responsive, front-end. The front-end provides four graphic themes, three different modalities to handle the results grid layout overflow and two options for the menu: the classic dropdown list and a left side menu.
DaDaBIK also provides two display modes for the results grid: 'classi grid' and 'list', the latter displays each field+value couple in a single row and it is useful when you have a lot of columns (to avoid the horizontal scrollbar) or when you are accessing DaDaBIK from mobile.

2) A complete graph reporting tool
DaDaBIK now provides a complete graph reporting tool, which allows to easily produce Pie charts, Bar charts and line charts based on the application data. Both a simple mode (create a graph in two clicks) and an advanced mode (write your custom SQL query as source of the graph) are provided. You can save a report in the menu to access it later in one click.

3) Calculated fields
DaDaBIK now provides calculated form fields, whose value is not directly provided by the user but calculated according to a custom PHP function. For example you might have a total_price field, which is calculated according to the values of other fields, e.g. as price + tax.

4) Smart installation / configuration guessing
A new smart installation procedure allows to save a lot of time during the DaDaBIK application configuration: DaDaBIK tries to guess the correct parameters for a field according to: database field type, database constraints and even field name. For example if you have a referential integrity constraint in your schema, DaDaBIK chooses a select_single field type for the foreign key and set the correct linked fields; if you have a NOT NULL field, DaDaBIK sets the field as required, if your field contains the word "email", DaDaBIK set the field content to "email". All the rules are expressed in PHP function guess_field_dadabik_settings() that the users can customize.

5) Hooks
DaDaBIK now provides HOOKS: a feature that allows you to write some PHP code to be called under certain circumstances. DaDaBIK currently supports after insert, before update, after update and after delete hooks. For example you can easily add some code that, when a new order is register to the system (after insert hook on table orders) automatically updates your stock in a table warehouse. Hooks are defined in the file custom_functions.php.

6) Improved admin section
The admin section has been drastically improved.

There are also several bug fixes, see the complete list of new features and fixes here.

Enjoy! :)


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder