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New release, call for developers, RSS feed available.

Hi all,
a new version of DaDaBIK (4.1 release candidate 2) is available.
This version fixes some bugs, in particular the "Refresh installation" bug and the one about previous and next record links, which didn't work correctly.

Check the change log for the complete list of changes.

Call for developers: I'm looking for someone who wants to join the staff; the goal is the restyling (in terms of layout and features) of the admin section of DaDaBIK, in order to increase usability. I have realised that the admin section needs an update in order to be really usable; to work on this code you don't need to know how the DaDaBIK engine works, it is a very simple programming task. If you are interested, please contact me (eugenio dot tacchini at unicatt dot it).

An RSS feed of this "What's new?" section should be available in a few minutes.


Thanks RHX!

Many thanks to RHX, which decided to become an official sponsor of the DaDaBIK project.

RHX is an italian company which provides software development and network configuration services, Web hosting, other internet related services and Linux training. It is based in Pieve di Soligo (Treviso).

RHX, as a DaDaBIK sponsor, freely hosts this site and freely maintains the and domains.

DBMS preferences

After more than 1500 votes I think I can close the poll.
Here are the results:

I generally use DaDaBIK on:

MySQL: 41.7%
Other: 39.7%
Oracle: 12.4%
pgSQL: 3.7%
MS SQL Server: 2.5%

The win of MySQL was largely expected, the same for the MS SQL Server result. It's surprising, instead, that according to the poll the number of Oracle users is more than three times larger than that of PostgreSQL users and that "Other" gets 39.7%; this last result in my opinion is not reliable, even because I didn't get any comments specifying which is the DBMS used.

"Other" guys, which DBMS do you use DaDaBIK on? :)

My BarCamp experience

Last Saturday I had my first BarCamp and I gave my presentation about DaDaBIK (I have uploaded the slides on SlideShare if you want to see them; slides are in Italian).

Most of the talks were about the blogosphere, the speakers have explored both technical and social aspect; the technical talks about software development were just a few but it has been an interesting experience anyway.

A little bit confused the talks agenda, which has changed several time but it was one of the first BarCamp in Italy (the second one) and anyway "No pre-scheduled presentations, no tourists." is one of the BarCamp rules :)

Here is a picture of my talk (thanks to fullo).


DaDaBIK @ BarCamp, Torino

On Saturday December 2, 2006 I will be in Torino (Italy) at BarCamp Torino 2006 to give a
seminar about DaDaBIK and rapid database front-end development.

I will explain how to use and exploit DaDaBIK using a real life example.

If you don't know what a BarCamp is, you can start reading the related Wikipedia page.

You are all welcome to come! The event is free, it is better if you register before at the BarCamp wiki.



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