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DaDaBIK 4.3 rc2 is out

Hi all,
the main change is the upgrade of the ADOdb library.
Some users (thanks Chris) reported that DaDaBIK, with some PHP versions and error reporting settings, produced some "Deprecated" and "Strict Standard" warnings. This was due to the ADOdb version used, which was too old. DaDaBIK now uses the last ADOdb version for PHP5 and automatically load the last PHP4 compatible ADOdb library if you are still using PHP4. This can also fix security problems and other issues that the old ADOdb version used could cause.

Another improvement regards DaDaBIK code's footprint: a lot of not strictly-needed files has been removed from the official release, which is now lighter (zip file less than 2MB).

Finally, the single-donation button of the admin section now works as expected.

For the complete list of changes, read the change log