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Next releases of DaDaBIK and new security model

Hi all,
I am glad to announce that Alessandro Andreoli, an Italian student of the University of Milan, decided to join the DaDaBIK team and to do a very important work on DaDaBIK as part of his master thesis in Computer Science.

Alessandro is working on the new DaDaBIK security model, something I wanted to implement since years but I didn't find the time to.
When his work will be finished, it will be possible to create group of users and to set permissions at a very granual level, for example saying that the group X has read permissions on the table customers while user Y has also write permission on that table, but not on the field customers.phone_number.

It is a very important shift toward the adoption of DaDaBIK in an enterprise environment.

A big "thank you!" to Alessandro from all the DaDaBIK community.

Another big news is that I'm writing from the United States, where I'm going to live for some months as a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley.

I Hope to give you some news about the next release of DaDaBIK soon!


  1. Antonio 1 Jun 2011

    Great new Eugenio... this will be a great feature for dadabik!

  2. Jerry 13 Oct 2011

    When will the release with the new security model become available?

  3. Eugenio 5 Nov 2011

    I will post about this very soon!