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DaDaBIK has SQLite support, v. 4.4 alpha is out!

Hi all,
I'm proud to announce that DaDaBIK has now SQLite support!

The SQLite database engine has become very popular in the last years and I think its support can increase the user base of DaDaBIK.

Since I experienced some problems in trying to write an ADOdb driver for SQLite3, I chose to use the PDO library instead; this means that you need at least PHP 5.1 to use DaDaBIK with SQLite.

Beyond SQLite support, you can find the complete list of new features, feature changes and fixed bugs for DaDaBIK 4.4 alpha in the change log.

Maybe it's important to point out that the SQL logging feature, due to some problems I experienced with the last ADOdb releases used since DaDaBIK 4.3 beta RC2, is not available anymore.


  1. Vittorio 3 Feb 2011

    Great Eugenio: this feature is very very usefull!!
    I\'ll use it without doubt.


  2. Eugenio 3 Feb 2011

    Thanks for the appreciation Vittorio!