V 11.6 is out: save time with Permission Templates + Warning for unsaved data

Posted by Eugenio on 14 Jun 2022

Dear users,
V 11.6 is out with two main improvements.

Permissions Templates
One of the most tedious tasks when I develop a DaDaBIK app with many user groups is setting permissions for all of them when I create a new table or add a new field.

The new permissions templates are literally a time saver.

Let me give you an example, let's say you have three groups (IDs 1,2,3) and when you install a new table or add a new field you want to assign all the permissions to group 1, all the permissions except delete to group 2 and only read permissions to group 3; you can now add this to your config_custom file:

// group 1
// the values you see here (e.g. '111111') are a sequence of 6 numbers representing the table permissions (read, delet, edit, create, details, csv) and a sequence of 7 numbers representing the field permissions (results, edit, create, details, quick search, advanced search, csv)
$permissions_template['table_default'][1] = '111111'; // all the table permissions set to "1" means YES for all
$permissions_template['field_default'][1] = '1111111'; // all the field permissions set to "1" means YES for all

// group 2
$permissions_template['table_default'][2] = '101111'; // all the table permissions set to "1" except from the second (delete)
$permissions_template['field_default'][2] = '1111111'; // all the field permissions set to "1"

// group 3
$permissions_template['table_default'][3] = '100010'; // only read and details table permissions
$permissions_template['field_default'][3] = '1001010'; // only read, details and advanced search field permissions

That's it. Every time you add a new table or a new filed, these rules will be used by DaDaBIK to automatically set (granular) permissions.

And there's more! You can also set specific templates for specific tables, overriding the general rules, e.g. let's say you want to follow a different rule only for the fields you will add to the table "customers" and only for group 2 the edit must be disabled; this is the template rule you will add:

$permissions_template['field']['customers'][2] = '1011111'; // all the field permissions set to "1" except from edit

You can read all the details in the documentation; you'll find a new chapter dedicated to permissions templates. I think this is a huge improvement.

Warning for unsaved data
I guess it happened to some of your users: they modify a record, then they click somewhere (maybe they just want to sort the grid of a master/details form) before clicking save and they lost their changes.
Now DaDaBIK warns you if you are leaving the page with unsaved data. You can enable/disable this feature separately for edit and create forms. Since it is still an experimental feature, it is disabled by default.

Permissions Templates are available for DaDaBIK Enterprise and Platinum only, warnings for unsaved data also for DaDaBIK Pro.

There are also other changes and several bugs fixed so as usual I suggest to have a look at the change log.

You can buy your new license here.

You can upgrade your existing license (for free, if you are in your free upgrade period) here.

Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

V. 11.5 Elba is out. Force Password Change, better UX/vocabulary for search feature

Posted by Eugenio on 28 Apr 2022

Dear user,
version 11.5 is out. This release contains two main improvements:

1) The new Force Password Change feature

2) A more clear vocabulary and better UX for the search feature

Let me go into some details:

1) Admins can now set, for a user, the new field "Force password change"; if the field is set yes (it's yes by default, when an admin manually adds a new user), the user is forced to change the password after the next login.

2) I realized that the labels of the buttons were not very clear. The "Search" button on the top menu is now called "Advanced Search" (because it is actually a link to an advanced search form) and it only appears when at least one field is available in the search form; the "quick search" submit button on the top of the results grid and the "search for items" submit button in the advanced search form are both just "search" now.
Furthermore, the submit button label for the insert form is now just "Save" (according to the feedback received, "Insert a new item >>" was a bit confusing - but you can still use it if you want).

If you use the online demo, please note that it is still based on V 11.4 so you won't see these improvements.

As usual I suggest to check the change log for the complete list of changes and bug fixes.

You can buy your new license here.

you can upgrade your existing license here.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

V. 11.4 Elba is out. New FIXED HEADER layout + improvements on LDAP and performance

Posted by Eugenio on 28 Feb 2022

Dear users,
In DaDaBIK 11.4 Elba you will find a new fixed header layout, lots of improvements on LDAP authentication, a new config parameter that can improve your app's performance and some bug fixes.

Fixed header was one of the most voted feature in our suggestions forum and it is now available. Especially if you have lots of columns in the grid, it can be very useful.

Here is a preview:

LDAP: we have a new, simple and short, mysubdomain\username (or more in general mysubtree\username) syntax supported for binding; in particular it can be useful if you are using Active Directory and you don't want to specify the full base_dn path for binding. Several other things related to LDAP have been improved and fixed, you can see the complete list in the changelog. All these improvements might help with the issues discussed in this forum thread.

Finally, a new config parameter, $force_search_before_rsults, allows to set, for each table, if you require that a search is executed by the user before showing the results. This can be useful, especially for tables having a lot of records, to avoid the execution of (sometimes useless) SELECT queries when the user opens the related page and to reduce your server's load (and, therefore, possibly increase the performance).

The new LDAP binding feature has been sponsored by: University of Zürich - Department of Biochemistry

The new $force_search_before_rsults feature and a new layout hook (see change log for details) have been sponsored by: Univillage Consulting

There are other changes and bugs fixed so as usual I suggest to have a look at the change log.

You can buy your new license here.

you can upgrade your existing license here.


We have a brand new Forum Platform

Posted by Eugenio on 1 Feb 2022

Dear users,

after exactly 20 years, our forum, based on the Phorum platform, is ready to retire.

We have a new, modern, forum, based on the amazing Xenforo platform and I have migrated all the ~20k posts and users to it.

The forum has everything you expect from a modern platform:
- personalized notifications (alert / email)
- you can "mention" another user
- you can "watch" a forum you want to follow
- reactions on posts
- avatars
- gamification (users badges, points, ... )
- media embedding
- looks great on mobile

and much more.

The main URL of the forum is still the same:

Your forum account has been preserved and your old password should just work. In case it doesn't, you can use the forgot password feature and reset it through an email link.
I am not sure if I will be able to migrate your profile pics (avatar), you might need to upload a new one if you want.

Let me know what you think by replying to this email or by posting on this forum thread.

There is one more thing. Xenforo has a special "suggestions" forum type (which allows upvotes) so, apart from the support and general discussion forums, we now have a new Feature Suggestions forum that will replace Canny as suggestions platform so, starting from now, please use the new Feature Suggestions forum to propose/upvote features you would like to see implemented.

What happened to the old suggestions already posted on Canny?

There are about 90 suggestions on Canny and I have imported almost all of them and their related upvotes. If your old suggestions or upvotes are missing feel free to add them; if for some reason you want your suggestions/upvotes to be removed, reply to this email.

I couldn't import the comments (to the suggestions) from Canny but it would be nice to have them so if you can spend a few minutes on that, please copy your Canny comments and paste them in our new forum; I can then change the comments date/time to reflect to original ones if you like.

Goodbye Phorum, you have been a really precious tool for 20 years, allowing the DaDaBIK community to grow and communicate. Welcome Xenforo and thank you for taking us to the new generation
of digital communities!


DaDaBIK 11.3 Elba is out. Different labels for result grids and more.

Posted by Eugenio on 17 Jan 2022

Dear users,
DaDaBIK 11.3 Elba is out! The main reasons for this releases were a a fix to a bug that prevented to assign a user to a specific group after self-registration and two little but useful new features I have recently developed:

1) the possibility to have different labels for result grids and forms. Often in a results grid you have so many fields that you need shorter labels. Backwards compatibility is guaranteed: if you don't assign a value for label grid (a new form configurator parameter), the "standard" label is used instead.

2) The new $hide_quick_search config parameter

There are other bugs fixed so as usual I suggest to have a look at the change log.

You can buy your new license here, you can upgrade your existing license here.

Finally, one important thing I would like to discuss with you is the behaviour of the previous/next buttons and navigation bar.
I have added a new chapter on the documentation, explaining why this behaviour could be unexpected for the final users of your applications. I have been thinking about better ways to handle these features since quite a long time ago but I haven't found any satisfying solution. I would be happy to hear your opinion, we can use this forum post.


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