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DaDaBIK 11.1 Elba is out: we finally have users self-registration

Dear DaDaBIK users,
a new version, 11.1 is out. The main change is the availability of users self-registration. A "register" link allows visitors to create their account, specifying username, email, password and other optional information.
This feature is disabled by default, a new enable_users_self_registration config parameter allows you to enable it.

Other two new config parameters allow to enable email confirmation (account is active only after email confirmation) and the "forgot password" feature (a temporary new password is sent via email). Finally, you can also choose the group a self-registered user should belongs to.

Two other small but quite useful enhancements are available:

  • a select all link allows you to select all the records in a page without selecting each checkbox manually. You can then delete all the elements or apply a custom function to the set of elements. The link appears after having selected one record.

  • For php_ajax custom buttons, it is now possible to specify, in your custom function, a custom message (confirmation message or error message) that wil be displayed to the user after the execution of the function. Until now, only a "Done!" message was always displayed. You can find an example in the documentation.

Online demos still run V 11.0 and users self-registration won't be enabled anyway so you can't check out the new features from the demos.

We also have several bug fixes, please check them out in the change log; the first in the list (the htmlspecialchars requirement) it's not a proper bug, more a missing note in the documentation but it's still very important to verify.

You can buy DaDaBIK 11.1 from here

You can find all the new features and bug fixes in the change log.

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 11.1 copy from the upgrade page. If you have an Enterprise license and want to upgrade to Platinum, reply to this email.

Finally, a special thanks goes to the translators, the work this time was much more than usual!



Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

DaDaBIK 11 Elba is here: live edit, import/synch from MS Excel and more

Dear DaDaBIK users,
I am very glad to announce the release of DaDaBIK 11 "Elba".

Some long-awaited features are finally available, I will briefly introduce the main news here, please have a look at our release video to see the new features in action.

To promote the adoption of this new version, for just 7 days (until June 24th):
• DaDaBIK Enterprise IS ON SALE AT €125 instead of €190 (in USD: $149 instead of $229)
• DaDaBIK Platinum IS ON SALE AT €415 instead of €595 (in USD: $495 instead of $695)

You can buy DaDaBIK 11 from here

Here are the news!

Live editing
For some of the fields you can now edit values directly on the results grid, by double clicking on the cell, without entering the record in edit mode.

Import from MS Excel (Enterprise/Platinum only)
Users can now import data into a table from MS Excel (OpenOffice and CSV are also supported).
This new feature is very flexible; the very basic usage is: import the raw data from a file having, in the header, the same column names you have in your DB table. But you can do much more: in your custom_functions.php file you can easily specify:
• The correspondence between column names and DB field names
• The transformation rules (you might need to change the data before importing it)
• The preview rules
• and more...

Synchronization with MS Excel (Platinum only)
Not only you can decide to import all the rows into your table, you can also decide to synch your table with your Excel file (OpenOffice / CSV). What does it mean? DaDaBIK checks, for each row, if it's already available in your table and in case it is, it will update the existing DB record instead of inserting a new one. You can specify the field (or combination of fields) DaDaBIK must use to "recognize" existing records.

AJAX file upload
Uploads are now executed asynchronously, before submitting the form, showing a progress bar during the upload process; this makes them much more user friendly, especially for big files.

Add a record to a lookup table via pop-up window
Near to your lookup field you have now a + button that opens a pop-up window; from the window, the user can add a new item to the related linked table and the item will immediately be available for the current form after having closed the pop-up.

Other new features include a new maintenance mode (you can enable it from the admin section without using config parameters) and the new search by URL feature, which allows to embed a search filter into a URL.

You can find all the new features and bug fixes in the change log and, as mentioned before, you can find an analysis of the new features in the second half of our release video on youtube.

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10 copy from the upgrade page. If you have an Enterprise license and want to upgrade to Platinum, reply to this email.

How about the name, "Elba"?
Elba is a lovely Italian island near the coast of Tuscany. After three releases named after villages in Liguria (Lerici, Monterosso, Manarola), this 2021 version explores a new region :)

Have a wonderful summer!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

DaDaBIK 10.6 is here.

Dear all,
DaDaBIK 10.6 is here.

This is a maintenance release containing two important fixes related to sqlserver and Wordpress and some other general fixes.

Check the change log to see the complete list of fixes and changes:

If you are using DaDaBIK with sqlserver or as a Wordpress plugin, it's particularly important for you to upgrade.

You can buy your license here

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10.6 copy from the upgrade page:


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder

DaDaBIK 10.5 is here.

Dear all,
DaDaBIK 10.5 is here.

This release contains some bug fixes and a few new features.

Bugs fixed: the most important one is probably an issue with "copy permission" that in some particular case didn't work as expected. For all the details, check the change log: if you are in the situation described in the changelog, your permissions might be not correctly set.

The most important new feature: you can now use "conditional" fields logic even in the results grid. Let's say you have a products table with many fields and you wan to show, in the results grid, only a subset of those fields, according to which "product type" the user selects as a search filter. You can now do it. Check the documentation for all the details.

Thanks for all your feedback related to the new upgrade procedure, very much appreciated. Upgrading DaDaBIK is now easier than it used to be and hopefully it will improve even more in the future; I've improved the procedure a bit already, considering some of the suggestions I've received from you.

I suggest to check all the change log anyway to see fixes, new features and changes:

You can buy your license here

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10.5 copy from the upgrade page:


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder

DaDaBIK 10.4 is here: faster, more secure and with a new easy upgrade procedure

Hello everybody,

I am glad to announce the availability of DaDaBIK 10.4 Manarola.

The aim of this release is to provide a faster, more secure and easier to upgrade DaDaBIK.

New upgrade procedure

Upgrading DaDaBIK is way easier now. If you have any DaDaBIK starting from V.5, you just have to copy two files (up.php and up2.php) in your DaDaBIK folder and run up.php. DaDaBIK will ask you to put the ZIP package you downloaded into a specific folder and then it will start copying/deleting the right files by itself and applying the correct updates to your DB. If you edited config.php, DaDaBIK will tell you which config.php parameters you might have modified, so you can add them to the config_custom.php file (which, starting from this version, is the only config file you should edit).


The code that takes care of the granular permissions has been optimized in various sections. This has an impact on the performances (time to load a page in DaDaBIK) if you are running a database having a very huge number of tables/fields. You should notice the difference if you are still running PHP 5: in this situation, for certain pages, you could get even a 5x speed improvement. My suggestion, however, is to move to PHP 7, to get better security and performances.


A new input check, called "Dropdown security form check" has been added to prevent the registration of wrong data, check the change log for details.

Many libraries used by DaDaBIK have been updated to the latest stable version, this fixes bugs and security issues that versions previously used by DaDaBIK had.

Other bugs have been fixed, in particular you should check carefully the change log if in your environment you have session.auto_start = 1 in php.ini or if you are using select_multiple_* fields.

The documentation has been improved and a general chapter related to custom code (best practices and rules) has been added.

I suggest to check anyway all the change log

You can buy your license here

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10.4 copy from the upgrade page.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder

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