AI + NoCode: I Build and Deploy a complete Library Management System, from scratch, without coding [full video tutorial]

Dear users,
in this new YouTube video, I show how I created and deployed, using and DaDaBIK, a complete and working Library Management Application, from scratch.

The video shows the whole creation process and the deployment of the application to a hosting service. The resulting app is live and reachable at

If you are a DaDaBIK user, you probably know the "How to Create a Web Application with DaDaBIK" YouTube format. It started in 2022 and since then I published a CRM tutorial, a Help Desk Application tutorial and an Inventory Management tutorial. The video published today is a brand new 2023 tutorial, using the same old format with two changes:

1) I use combined with DaDaBIK (I first create the first version of the app in and then import it in DaDaBIK)

2) I deploy the app registering a domain for it, the app remains live so you can always see the result of the tutorial

The idea for the future is to add other episodes where I will further improve the application using additional no-code low-code features provided by and DaDaBIK.

Any suggestion for the next episodes is welcome, feel free to add your ideas as comment to the YouTube video!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder