DaDaBIK low-code no-code V 12.1 is out: fixes and improved LDAP authentication

Posted by Eugenio on 3 Jun 2024

Dear users,
DaDaBIK V 12.1 "Aveto" is out.

The main reason for releasing this minor version so soon after the publication of V 12.0 is to fix a bug about the new permissions manager and a bug about the new drag & drop menu items feature.

Especially the first fix is very important if in your application you have "edit: yes but disabled" fields so I recommend to upgrade and to read the change log for further information.

There are other minor bug fixes and also an improvement of the LDAP authentication, sponsored by one of our customers: you have now two new config parameters allowing to set a username/password pair to use for the first LDAP bind/authentication (so called "service account"), regardless of the username/password pair entered in the login form by the end user.

You can buy your new license here.

You can upgrade your existing license (for free, if you are in your free upgrade period or you have an active subscription) here.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

DaDaBIK Low-code No-code V.12 "Aveto" is here. New User Interface, build your app with AI, Beta Mode, & more

Posted by Eugenio on 14 May 2024

Dear users,
last Wednesday, I proudly launched version 12 "Aveto" of our low-code no-code platform, DaDaBIK. Thank you to everyone who joined us for the live YouTube event—it was a fantastic session that energized and inspired me for future developments! During the live we had 41 average concurrent users, almost three times the number from our previous live event, which is a great achievement for our niche community.

For those who missed it, you can catch the replay here: Watch the Launch Event

Special Launch Pricing ends tomorrow

Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 14th, is the final day to take advantage of our special launch pricing. Use the coupon code DADA12LIVE at checkout to receive a $100 discount on new Enterprise and Platinum lifetime licenses. The offer is valid until 8 PM CEST or until all 100 coupons are claimed.

Get your discounted License here.

What's New in DaDaBIK 12?

1. Modern Graphical User Interface

As most of you already know, DaDaBIK 12 comes with a new, modern, Graphical User Interface (Last time the UI was renewed was for V. 8, back in 2017). Bootstrap 5 is now used for many elements of both the frontend and admin area. The admin area UI has also been partially revamped to make it more consistent with the front-end.

2. The new BETA Development Mode

When you are in BETA mode, changes you make in the admin area (e.g. you change a form or you set permissions differently) or in your custom code (e.g. you change a custom validation rule) are only visible to admins and to other trusted users. This allows to privately test your changes while standard users continue to work on the LIVE version. Deploy your changes LIVE to all users in one click. Platinum users can even use a separate database during BETA mode.

3. Export DaDaBIK applications

Easily export an entire application, including files and database, directly from the admin area.

4. Drag & Drop Menu organization

Reorganize menu elements effortlessly with our new drag-and-drop feature in the Admin > Menu tab.

5. New permissions page

Enjoy a clearer, faster interface for managing permissions.

6. No-code conditional fields

Set rules to show or hide fields based on conditions without coding. For complex logic, classic PHP functions are still supported.

7. Richer Custom code API

We’ve added four new methods to enhance your custom code capabilities:

delete_record(): delete records
insert_record(): insert records
load_table_page(): load table-based pages, optionally showing a message
load_custom_page(): load custom pages, optionally sending additional input.

8. New installation option: AI-Powered App Creation

Describe your app in plain English and let (DaDaBIK's sister application) create it for you, then import the app into DaDaBIK seamlessly.

9. No more encryption popups

When you add a new user or change, as admin, the password for an existing user you no longer need to use the encryption popup window.

10. Custom confirmation messages for "save" and "insert as new" buttons

You can now set confirmation messages for standard form buttons.

Final Notes

DaDaBIK 12 also includes numerous bug fixes and improvements. For a detailed list of updates, please check our changelog.

As usual, If you already have a license, you can download your v. 12 copy from the upgrade page. Enterprise users interested in upgrading to Platinum, please reply to this email directly.

Happy low-coding!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

AI + NoCode: I Build and Deploy a complete Library Management System, from scratch, without coding [full video tutorial]

Posted by Eugenio on 8 Nov 2023

Dear users,
in this new YouTube video, I show how I created and deployed, using and DaDaBIK, a complete and working Library Management Application, from scratch.

The video shows the whole creation process and the deployment of the application to a hosting service. The resulting app is live and reachable at

If you are a DaDaBIK user, you probably know the "How to Create a Web Application with DaDaBIK" YouTube format. It started in 2022 and since then I published a CRM tutorial, a Help Desk Application tutorial and an Inventory Management tutorial. The video published today is a brand new 2023 tutorial, using the same old format with two changes:

1) I use combined with DaDaBIK (I first create the first version of the app in and then import it in DaDaBIK)

2) I deploy the app registering a domain for it, the app remains live so you can always see the result of the tutorial

The idea for the future is to add other episodes where I will further improve the application using additional no-code low-code features provided by and DaDaBIK.

Any suggestion for the next episodes is welcome, feel free to add your ideas as comment to the YouTube video!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

PHP 8.2 is now supported - DaDaBIK 11.11 is out

Posted by Eugenio on 27 Sep 2023

Dear users,
DaDaBIK 11.11 is out. The main reason for this release is the support for PHP 8.2.

The active support of PHP 8.1 by the PHP development team will end in November 2023 (security support in November 2024) so if you haven't already, it's time to plan the upgrade to the latest PHP version.

If you want to run DaDaBIK on PHP 8.2, you need the latest DaDaBIK (V. 11.11) and the latest ioncube loader (13.0.2).

This DaDaBIK release also contains a long list of changes and bugs fixed. As usual, you can see the complete list in the changelog.

Since there are no actual new features, there is no "DaDa Release" video this time.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

Turn a Text Description into a Ready-to-use App in 30 seconds. Meet, based on DaDaBIK + AI

Posted by Eugenio on 21 Feb 2023

Dear users,
over the past few weeks, I have been working on integrating DaDaBIK with AI technology, specifically with GPT-3. The result of my efforts is a new product,, that enables users to create a DaDaBIK application in one click.

Simply describe the desired application in plain English and let AppifyText do the rest. I know it sounds crazy but that's exactly what AppifyText does.

Some of you have already tested the private beta (thanks for all your feedback!); starting from today AppifyText is open to the public and you can try it here:

If you like it and want to support its launch, please upvote and/or review it on its ProductHunt page.

I believe that AppifyText has the potential to significantly improve the way people learn about DaDaBIK and streamline the development process for existing users: with AppifyText, you can create a rough draft of your application in just a few seconds, import it in DaDaBIK and then refine it.

Thank you for your time!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder

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