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DaDaBIK 8.3 is out: an important vulnerability fixed, the new PDF print feature is available

Dear all,
DaDaBIK 8.3 Lerici is out. DaBIK 8.2 was supposed to be the last 8.x release, however the discovery of an SQL injection vulnerability made me change the plan and I decided to release v. 8.3, which contains a long list of fixes and a couple of new features.

In particular, it contains a fix for an SQL injection vulnerability which allowed an attacker, in particular situations, to execute arbitrary SQL code on the databases they have permissions on. It is very important for you to read all the details in the changelog about this fix and about the others.

In the changelog you will also find the other bugs fixed and the new features.

In particular the new PDF Print feature, one of the features planned to be released with DaDaBIK 9, has been included in DaDaBIK 8.3 (Enterprise/Platinum only) since it was ready to be deployed.

You can use it both from the details page of a record and from the results grid page: in the first case it produces a PDF file containing the information available in the details page, in the second case it produces a PDF file containing N pages, one for each record included in the results grid page.

You can also create an optional custom template file that describes the layout of the PDF document: DaDaBIK allows the user to choose which template file to use, on the fly, during the export to PDF process. The syntax of the template is pure HTML, the conversion between the HTML template and the PDF document is executed using the TCPDF library. The export to PDF feature applied to a record results set, in combination with the use of custom templates, guarantees results similar to the ones you can get using a typical "Mail Merge" feature available in Word Processors.

You can see the PDF feature in action from the on-line demo; from the online demo n.1 (products table) and from the online demo n.2 (customers table), you can also see a custom PDF template in action. You can read all the details about this new feature in the online documentation (paragraph "How to create custom PDF reports / documents").

You will also notice a great improvement in how DaDaBIK handles form errors.

As usual, if you are in your free upgrade timeframe, you can request your free copy from the upgrade page.

If you have a DaDaBIK ENTERPRISE OR PLATINUM license and you are out of your free upgrade timeframe, you can also get DaDaBIK 8.3 by purchasing a maintenance license (€65/€85), which also provides you with an additional year of free upgrade. Even in this case, you can do everything from the upgrade page.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder