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The new DaDaBIK 7.2 is out: a severe bug fixed, improved performances and a trial version

Dear all,
DaDaBIK 7.2 is out. It is mainly a maintenance release, which fixes several bugs including a severe bug related to files upload: in some situations, DaDaBIK linked a record not with the file uploaded by the user but with another one, having the same original filename. You can read all the details and the list of changes here.

We have also improved performances: a results grid is now shown faster than before; the more records per page you display, the more you will notice the difference: for example with 100 records per page the amount of time needed to display a results grid has decreased by about 37%.

Finally, we have now a trial version that you can download for free, it has some feature limitations, it expires after 15 days and you don't get the full, unencrypted source code as it happens with DaDaBIK Pro and DaDaBIK ENTERPRISE. You can see the differences between Trial, Pro and ENTERPRISE here.

As we did for v. 7.1, to promote the adoption of the new DaDaBIK 7.2 Enterprise, for just 7 days (until March 23th) IT WILL BE ON SALE AT €95 instead of €160.

You can buy DaDaBIK 7.2 here.

As usual, if you are in your free upgrade timeframe (1 year for DaDaBIK Enterprise, 6 months for DaDaBIK PRO), you can request your free copy from the upgrade page.

If you have a DaDaBIK ENTERPRISE license and you are out of your free upgrade timeframe, you can also get DaDaBIK 7.2 by purchasing a maintenance license (€65), which also provides you with an additional year of free upgrade (email to get the instructions).


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder