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DaDaBIK 7.0 is here, a faster and powerful Web applications builder. Security alert issued for previous versions

Dear all,

I am very glad to announce the availability of DaDaBIK 7.

To promote the adoption of DaDaBIK 7 Enterprise, for just 10 days (until Oct 15th) IT WILL BE ON SALE AT €95 instead of €160.

Let's briefly explain what's new in this major release. First of all, the engine of DaDaBIK has been optimized: the display of results grids is now much faster if you have select_single or select_multiple fields in your grid, especially if granular permissions are enabled and if your database is big in terms of number of tables/fields. Example: for a DaDaBIK application having 18 tables installed, the display of the results grid is about 43% faster than before for a table having four select_single fields in the grid.

Since many times potential customers wrote me asking about the performances of DaDaBIK when dealing with huge tables, there is now an online demo which shows how DaDaBIK performs with a one-million-records table in join with other two tables (see on-line demo, Invoicing system demo, table "reviews").

All three online demo have also been updated and show the new features available in DaDaBIK 6 and 7. From the invoicing system demo, you can also see an example of custom PHP page (see "Sales report", top right corner), where DaDaBIK and Chart.js have been used together to produce a graphic data report.

Other new features include:

Cascade dropdown lists

A long awaited feature: It is now possible to populate a dropdown menu (select_single) according to what the user selected from another dropdown menu. For example you can have two menu: country and city; when the user selects the country, the system automatically populates the content of the city dropdown with the list of the cities related to the country selected.

Custom required functions

Until now, you could only set a field as "required" or "not required"; it is now possible to specify, for each field, a custom PHP function to use in order to evaluate if the field is required or not; in particular, you can specify the requiredness of a field according to the value of other fields in the form.

Permissions copy

From the admin area is now possible to copy all the permissions from one group to another in one click (DaDaBIK Enterprise only).

DaDaBIK 7 also includes many bug fixes, including an important security fix and another important fix related to a bug which can lead to data loss in case you use the "duplication check" features. You can find the whole list of changes and fixes in the changelog and you are strongly advised to read it.

As usual, if you are in your free upgrade period you can download the upgrade from here. We have also provided the security fix as a free patch (here the instruction to patch your installations).

We don't provide anymore a "Basic" version of DaDaBIK, DaDaBIK Basic was too limited and many times in the past customers who bought DaDaBIK Basic needed an upgrade to Pro / ENTERPRISE. If you purchased DaDaBIK 6.3 Basic within the last two months, reply to this email to get the instructions to download DaDaBIK 7.0 Pro with some limitations enabled.

Enjoy DaDaBIK 7!

Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder