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DaDaBIK 6.3 is out, security alert, fixes and some new features

Dear all,
DaDaBIK 6.3 is mainly a maintenance release, which also adds a few new features.

A couple of bugs which can lead to data loss during edit/update have been discovered and fixed, as well as a bug with templates, which produced wrong data display.

The security has also been improved by:

1) adding an automatic user block after a certain number of wrong password attempts.

2) rewriting the whole file handling process, in order to avoid the possibility to access a file without being logged/authorized in DaDaBIK (using the URL of the file itself)

A couple of words about the new features: as many customers requested, permissions settings is now much faster: for each permission type (read, create, delete, ...) you can set "Yes" or "No" for all the fields of a table in one click. The owner permissions have also been improved, allowing to set the group instead of the user as a owner.

You are strongly advised to read the COMPLETE LIST of fixes and new features in change log. You can download an upgrade to DaDaBIK 6.3 through the upgrade page.