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DaDaBIK 6.1 is out, security and other bug fixes, some UX improvements

Dear all,
the release of DaDaBIK 6 was a success, thanks a lot for your reaction and for your valuable feedback!

In particular I would like to say thank you to user Philipp, who provided very helpful insights.

DaDaBIK provides now a professional set of features, and custom PHP pages, introduced with DaDaBIK 6, allow to adopt and customize a DaDaBIK application to an extremely vast number of use cases.

I am currently using DaDaBIK myself for a quite big and complex project, exploiting it as much as possible to build most of the application without coding and using custom PHP pages whenever I need very specific features. I am realizing every day more that it is time to focus for a while on usability and user experience, especially on the admin side.

This version fix several bugs, including a security bug about quick search listboxes showing values they shouldn't (all the details here).

DaDaBIK 6.1 also introduces some improvements on the UX side, here is a couple of them:

  1. Setting permissions is now much faster (you can save the permission settings related to all the fields in a table with one click)

  2. You have now a $treat_blank_as_null option which allows to:

    • Treat empty form fields as NULL values during insert and update

    • View NULL values as empty form fields during edit

    This new approach, according to the feedback we have received, should make the use of a DaDaBIK application much more friendly to non-technical users.

As usual you can find the complete list of fixes and changes here and, if you are in your free upgrade period, you can get a copy writing to