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Another big step forward: DaDaBIK now provides Wordpress integration and LDAP authentication

Hi everbody,
we are glad to announce that dadabik 5.1 is out with Two big improvements:

1) Wordpress integration (PRO and ENTERPRISE versions): a DaDaBIK application can now be integrated into a Wordpress site through a dedicated wrapper plug-in. Users authenticated through Wordpress can also be automatically authenticated into DaDaBIK too, without doing the log-in again.
This allows for an unbelievable number of new scenarios where dadabik can be used. We also have a new demo showing Wordpress integration, see the demo page.

2) LDAP authentication (ENTERPRISE version)
This is a long-awaited feature, especially in enterprise environments where the same user accounts list needs to be shared across several applications. Both OpenLDAP and Microsoft Active Directory are supported.

DaDabik 5.1 also comes with a long list of bug fixes: to see the complete list of new features, changes and fixes see the change log.

Last note: The survey about the next dadabik features is still open and will be open until mid February: if the votes trend will be confirmed, the next dadabik feature will probably be the Multi-select listboxes and checkboxes

Thanks to everybody who took the time to vote and to send us feedback and possible enhancement for DaDaBIK.

Have fun!


  1. Tim Hyde 14 Mar 2013

    Just bought the new version since a client wanted an old Dadabik database moving to a new set-up and integrating with WordPress.

    Well got to say the new WordPress is very disappointing. It is hardly "integrated".

  2. Eugenio 15 Mar 2013

    Hello Tim,
    I'm sorry you don't appreciate the new Wordpress feature, what exactly you don' t like about it?