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DaDaBIK 5 is here

Hi all,
I am really glad and released to announce that DaDaBIK 5 is finally here!

DaDaBIK 5 comes with a new GUI and tons of new features, including:

  • A completely new granular permissions manager
  • PHP hooks to extend DaDaBIK capabilities
  • HTML templates for data grids.

I am sure it will bring its users to a new level in terms of Web Database Application Rapid Development, please take the time to check it out the BRAND NEW DEMO.

You can find all the (20+) new features, changes, security and other fixes reviewing the change log. As you can see, also the Website has been completely re-designed.

There are now three versions of DaDaBIK: BASIC, PRO and ENTERPRISE, you can review the features of each here

All the customers who bought DaDaBIK in the last two months can upgrade to DaDaBIK 5 PRO for free and to DaDaBIK enterprise paying €50.

All Supporters and Patrons (customers who bought DaDaBIK paying €50/€100, at any time) can upgrade to DaDaBIK 5 ENTERPRISE for free.

Write to payments at dadabik dot org if you want to use your upgrade option.



  1. Aoirthoir An Broc 25 Nov 2012

    Excellent. I just bought 4.something and was excited to see you had a version 5 coming out. The things I thought were missing are now there. This is good to see.

    Looking forward to an updated Manual and definitely going to update to the Enterprise. I'd also like to work with you on integrating it into WordPress with a Plugin.

  2. Eugenio 25 Nov 2012

    I'm glad to hear this, I really tried to choose the new features taking into account what users asked during the last years.