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4.6 stable is out and security alert.

Hi all,
version 4.6 stable is now available. It provides several bug fixes, you can find the complete list in the change log.

The security alert is about the documentation:

"The documentation section about multiple instances of DaDaBIK has been (at least for the moment) removed. That section was not up-to-date and referred to a version of DaDaBIK which still didn't have the authentication feature: the result is that if users followed those instructions having authentication ON, a user authenticated on the first (not admin) instance could also access the /admin instance without authentication. This is not a proper bug but could lead to a false sense of security."

DaDaBIK 5 will be available in about two weeks; having about twenty new features, it will bring users to a new level in terms of Web Database Application Rapid Development

Stay tuned.