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New stable version (4.4), new distribution model and a video tutorial!

Hi all,
DaDaBIK 4.4 final version is out! A lot of bugs have been fixed (thanks to all the guys who reported them through the forum!) and this can be considered the new stable version of DaDaBIK, which officially supports MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Since some bugs are critical and affect not only the previous release, all the users are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

As you could have noticed, I removed the official support to Oracle and MS Sql Server; the percentage of Oracle and MS SQL Sever users is very small and I prefer, for the moment, to focus my effort on the other DBMSs.

This new version also added three new features: the official support for Views management, in addition to tables (this can help a lot in creating more flexible database applications); the possibility to hide the NULL checkboxes in forms (a change which a lot of users requested) and a new language translation: Russian (thanks Eugeniy!).

As always, you can find all the changes in the changelog (

Many users asked me a simple tutorial to start with DaDaBIK (in addition to the documentation) so I decided to record a video tutorial which, in less than 15 minutes, explains how to create a very basic DaDaBIK database application without coding. The video is available on Youtube ( This is the first of a serie of episodes, please let me know your feedback!

Since I want DaDaBIK to be part of my daily Job, I also decided to change the distribution model; now a donation (or, if you prefer, a variable price) is required to download DaDaBIK. You can download DaDaBIK starting from 3 euros including VAT, less than a beer, but if you can afford it you can also pay more. A regular invoice is produced and sent.

I hope that everyone will understand this new approach, which also means a personal commitment to the development of the software, and realize that DaDaBIK actually worths much more than 3 euros. To give some examples, two other applications having similar purposes cost respectively US$159.95 and US$79.



  1. Prinz Bernhard 12 May 2012

    Nice entry to the programm.
    Gives an first impression.

    Yours Bernhard