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DaDaBIK 4.4 beta is out!

Hi all,
a new DaDaBIK version is available. Back to work on DaDaBIK after a long parenthesis during which I was mainly doing research and working on my Mentor.FM project.

Version 4.4 beta fixes several bugs (see change log for a complete list).

A new bug related to dates has also been discovered and not yet fixed; not sure if it is correct to call it bug but for sure it can lead to unexpected results, modifying the date values you have in your database. Thanks to Mauri for having reported part of the problem, please look at the known bugs section of the documentation for all the details.

The lack of a locking mechanism has also been highlighted in the documentation, since the current behaviour could lead, in some situations, to unexpected results and data loss.

About the roadmap, the idea is to release a 4.4 final after having found the best possible solution for the dates "bug" and, later, to release a 5.0 alpha which will include a new security model and also provide a locking mechanism.

Stay tuned!

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