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DaDaBIK 3.0 released

Hi all,
DaDaBIK 3.0 final release is available.
This version fix several bugs discovered during the beta test, including some "[08] Error: during query execution" errors which appeared under particular conditions. It has been added also a new configuration parameter used to control the width of the results table columns.

I'm already working to the future 3.1 version, in which I will partially rewrite the engine that produce the SELECT statement, in order to fix the problems related to the multiple reference to a linked table and the multiple use of the same field name.
For further details see the changelog page.

I have also decided, starting from this version, to always release an upgrade procedure that allows to upgrade to a new DaDaBIK release without loosing the previous configuration settings.

Another way to support DaDaBIK, besides donations, is now available; I've put on this site some sponsored links to DWeb, a very interesting software product that allows the deploying of a PHP/MySQL application on CD/DVD. If you buy DWeb from these links I earn some money for every sale.