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DaDaBIK 3.0 beta released!!

Hi all,
you have been waiting for one year but I think it is worth the effort :)
I'm proud to announce that DaDaBIK 3.0 beta has been released.

It's difficult to summarize here all the changes, the decision to change the major release from 2.x to 3.x is however due also to the fact that all the code (5000+ lines) has been revisited and in some part rewritten.

Among other changes:

  • The primary-foreign key feature is now complete: it is possible to link a field of a table (foreign key) to a number of fields of another table (containing the primary key). The produced HTML select menu will have the linked field values as "options" and the primary key values as "values". This allow to use a normalized DB design.

  • The speed of DaDaBIK in managing DB with a large number of tables is now dramatically increased.

  • "Export to CSV" feature

  • All the HTML code produced can be handle by the CSS file

  • It is now possible to order result records both in ASC and DESC.

  • "Delete all" feature

For the complete list of changes and bug fixes see the changelog.

As you can se we have also a new Web site and a logo, thanks to my colleague and friend Fausto Mazza (main at for it.

Last but definitely not least: it is now possible to make a donation through Paypal. All you need to make a small donation and support the future developing of DaDaBIK is a Paypal account or a credit card. DaDaBIK has costed to me hundreds of hours and you can download it for free, so if you like DaDaBIK, do it!