DaDaBIK low-code no-code V 12.1 is out: fixes and improved LDAP authentication

Dear users,
DaDaBIK V 12.1 "Aveto" is out.

The main reason for releasing this minor version so soon after the publication of V 12.0 is to fix a bug about the new permissions manager and a bug about the new drag & drop menu items feature.

Especially the first fix is very important if in your application you have "edit: yes but disabled" fields so I recommend to upgrade and to read the change log for further information.

There are other minor bug fixes and also an improvement of the LDAP authentication, sponsored by one of our customers: you have now two new config parameters allowing to set a username/password pair to use for the first LDAP bind/authentication (so called "service account"), regardless of the username/password pair entered in the login form by the end user.

You can buy your new license here.

You can upgrade your existing license (for free, if you are in your free upgrade period or you have an active subscription) here.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder