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V 11.6 is out: save time with Permission Templates + Warning for unsaved data

Dear users,
V 11.6 is out with two main improvements.

Permissions Templates
One of the most tedious tasks when I develop a DaDaBIK app with many user groups is setting permissions for all of them when I create a new table or add a new field.

The new permissions templates are literally a time saver.

Let me give you an example, let's say you have three groups (IDs 1,2,3) and when you install a new table or add a new field you want to assign all the permissions to group 1, all the permissions except delete to group 2 and only read permissions to group 3; you can now add this to your config_custom file:

// group 1
// the values you see here (e.g. '111111') are a sequence of 6 numbers representing the table permissions (read, delet, edit, create, details, csv) and a sequence of 7 numbers representing the field permissions (results, edit, create, details, quick search, advanced search, csv)
$permissions_template['table_default'][1] = '111111'; // all the table permissions set to "1" means YES for all
$permissions_template['field_default'][1] = '1111111'; // all the field permissions set to "1" means YES for all

// group 2
$permissions_template['table_default'][2] = '101111'; // all the table permissions set to "1" except from the second (delete)
$permissions_template['field_default'][2] = '1111111'; // all the field permissions set to "1"

// group 3
$permissions_template['table_default'][3] = '100010'; // only read and details table permissions
$permissions_template['field_default'][3] = '1001010'; // only read, details and advanced search field permissions

That's it. Every time you add a new table or a new filed, these rules will be used by DaDaBIK to automatically set (granular) permissions.

And there's more! You can also set specific templates for specific tables, overriding the general rules, e.g. let's say you want to follow a different rule only for the fields you will add to the table "customers" and only for group 2 the edit must be disabled; this is the template rule you will add:

$permissions_template['field']['customers'][2] = '1011111'; // all the field permissions set to "1" except from edit

You can read all the details in the documentation; you'll find a new chapter dedicated to permissions templates. I think this is a huge improvement.

Warning for unsaved data
I guess it happened to some of your users: they modify a record, then they click somewhere (maybe they just want to sort the grid of a master/details form) before clicking save and they lost their changes.
Now DaDaBIK warns you if you are leaving the page with unsaved data. You can enable/disable this feature separately for edit and create forms. Since it is still an experimental feature, it is disabled by default.

Permissions Templates are available for DaDaBIK Enterprise and Platinum only, warnings for unsaved data also for DaDaBIK Pro.

There are also other changes and several bugs fixed so as usual I suggest to have a look at the change log.

You can buy your new license here.

You can upgrade your existing license (for free, if you are in your free upgrade period) here.

Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder