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DaDaBIK 11.3 Elba is out. Different labels for result grids and more.

Dear users,
DaDaBIK 11.3 Elba is out! The main reasons for this releases were a a fix to a bug that prevented to assign a user to a specific group after self-registration and two little but useful new features I have recently developed:

1) the possibility to have different labels for result grids and forms. Often in a results grid you have so many fields that you need shorter labels. Backwards compatibility is guaranteed: if you don't assign a value for label grid (a new form configurator parameter), the "standard" label is used instead.

2) The new $hide_quick_search config parameter

There are other bugs fixed so as usual I suggest to have a look at the change log.

You can buy your new license here, you can upgrade your existing license here.

Finally, one important thing I would like to discuss with you is the behaviour of the previous/next buttons and navigation bar.
I have added a new chapter on the documentation, explaining why this behaviour could be unexpected for the final users of your applications. I have been thinking about better ways to handle these features since quite a long time ago but I haven't found any satisfying solution. I would be happy to hear your opinion, we can use this forum post.