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DaDaBIK 11.2 Elba is out. Improved live edit, graphic layout and more.

Dear all,
DaDaBIK V 11.2 is out.

As anticipated in my last message, I am focusing on refining existing features, fixing old known bugs and making the whole DaDaBIK experience as fast and pleasant as possible.

These are the new things I want to highlight here:

  1. "Live edit" (i.e. edit data from the results grid) has been heavily improved, removing several of the limitations we had. You can find all the details in the change log.

  2. Live edit is now enabled by default, check the chapter about live edit in the documentation to understand which are the current limitations and the implications of having this feature enabled. You can also enable it just for certain fields.

  3. The "Forgotten password" feature, introduced in DaDaBIK 11.1, was available only if you allowed users self-registration. It is now available even if user self-registration is disabled.

In addition to that, you will find several graphic improvements and changes to buttons, forms, icons, fonts. I think the interface looks better and more modern but I am still not 100% convinced about the font change, that now is thicker. I think that, overall, it looks nicer but since DaDaBIK is typically used to build applications that end users could use for hours a day, my first concern is always on readability and on avoiding as much as possible eyes fatigue. I would love to hear your opinion about this!

The list of fixed bugs is very long - yes, that old "less_then" typo has been fixed as well :) - so I suggest to read the whole change log. In particular if you were using live edit or custom code in your applications, there are a few tricky issues, now fixed or better explained, to review.

All the online demo are now upgraded to this latest release.

You can buy DaDaBIK 11.2 from here

You can find all the new features and bug fixes in the change log.

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 11.2 copy from the upgrade page.



Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder