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Improved Live Edit and a new series: Features Showcase

Dear all,
DaDaBIK has now a pretty solid features set available. During these weeks, I am trying to focus on improving what we have, refining existing features, fixing old known bugs and making the whole DaDaBIK experience as fast and pleasant as possible.

I have also started a Features Showcase Series on YouTube, where I want to present in details, in each episode, a specific feature; typically I will showcase one of the newest feature, introduced in DaDaBIK 10 or 11, that haven't been covered in tutorials yet.

The first episode is about live edit, introduced in V. 11 Elba with some limitations. The live edit feature has been improved a lot, removing several of the limitations we had. The video has been premiered yesterday evening on Youtube and you can now see it here:

It has been recorded using DaDaBIK V. 11.2, currently under test and available soon. Apart from the improved live edit capabilities, you will see a slightly different graphic layout: several changes to fonts, buttons, icons, spaces; in most of the cases, they are minor changes but overall I think they make the GUI more modern and pleasant to use.

The idea is to post a video every two weeks, if you want to keep updated on the videos click on subscribe and then hit the notification bell on YouTube.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK Founder