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V. 10.3 is out + Summer Survey

Hello everybody,
I am glad to announce the availability of DaDaBIK 10.3 Manarola.

This is a maintenance release, fixing a few issues. In particular, a security issue related to the use of a shared computer and two additional issues, the first related to select multiple fields and the second related to the less_equal_than search operator are something you should definitely go through. As usual, I advise to check all the change log

You can buy your license here .
As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10.3 copy from the upgrade page.

Since only a few files have been changed and since the new fast upgrade procedure is not ready yet, please find here the list of the files (program_files folder) that have been changed respect to version 10.2. This should make the upgrade process easier (you don't need to replace all the files, only the ones in the list, you still have to execute the last two steps of the upgrade instructions starting from running the upgrade.php script). This works only if you don't change edition (Pro, Enterprise, Platinum ... e.g. if you upgrade from 10.2 Pro to 10.3 Enterprise, this can't work).

/apps (the whole folder)

One more thing: the community of DaDaBIK users is growing year by year and I feel the need to understand something more about how you use DaDaBIK, in order to take better decisions in the future. I have created a very short (4 multiple choice questions) survey that you can access here:

Please have a look and spend two minutes to answer the four question!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder