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V. 10.2 is out: new calendar/date picker, new permissions copy feature, many important fixes

Hello everybody,
I am glad to announce the availability of DaDaBIK 10.2 Manarola.

This version contains two important new features, some other improvements and the fix for many issues.

Here are the two big features:

1) We have a new, modern and powerful calendar/date picker: flatpickr. This replaces the old jquery date picker (you can still use the old date picker by setting $date_picker_type in config.php) and provides several improvements including localization (the calendar uses the general language you chose for your DaDaBIK application) and user-friendly date format (you can show, in the edit form, something like May 12, 2020 even if the value you are sending to the server is 2020-05-12, see new config param $date_format_edit).

2) Table-to-Table permissions copy. This was the most upvoted feature in our canny and therefore I decided to implement it.
When you copy permissions from table A to table B, DaDaBIK identifies the fields that A and B have in common and copy the permissions, for all the groups, only for those fields. A typical use of this feature is when you create a view B starting from a table A (where the view B has the same fields table A has, or a subset of them) and you want to assign the same permissions.
This feature is for Enterprise/Platinum version only.

You can see both the new features in the sales management online demo (check the table orders to see an example of the new date picker)

Other improvements in the change log

About the issues fixed: the bug related to group-to-group copy permission (you probably heard about it if you are registered to this newsletter) made me go for a complete code revision (related to wildcard escaping) so in the changelog you will see a more complete description of the bug (that has been fixed) and the description of several other (related and not related) issues that have been fixed.

I strongly suggest to go through the change log ( to understand which issues your current DaDaBIK application might have) and to upgrade to this latest version.

Among the other things, a known bug, not fixed yet, has been added to the documentation, related to records having, has unique field value, a string containing particular characters. I would say that the vast majority of typical dadabik applications are not affected, but it is important to check that out.

You can buy your license here

As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10.2 copy from the upgrade page .

I hope you will have a great and safe summer!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder