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New upgrade procedure + Folding@home

Dear DaDaBIK community,
I hope that you and your beloved ones are still doing fine during this difficult period.

I am writing this email because some time ago I started to work on a long-awaited improvement: an easier upgrade procedure.

The general idea for the new procedure is:
1) you copy the zip file you download into an "upgrades" folder
2) you run the upgrade script, that should take care of everything

It's not a trivial thing to develop, it's full of tricky details and I would like to hear your comments, ideas, thoughts about it. I've created a post on the forum with some details and you can add your comments there:

Finally let me add something not related to DaDaBIK: this is a very difficult period all over the world and in the area where I live (north Italy) the impact of the virus has been particularly strong.

There are many ways we can contribute to the fight against COVID-19 (by donating money to the most under pressure hospitals in your area or all over the world, for example) and I think you all are aware of them.

I would like to add one little thing we all can do from our home, using our computers: download and install to use the computational power of your computer to help research on COVID-19 and other diseases.

Maybe you can use foldingathome when your computer is idle or you have an old computer or other supported device that you can use (switching off the monitor to save electricity).

I've just created a DaDaBIK team on foldingathome and if you want, feel free to join it (Team ID 264163) to connect our little efforts.


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder