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18 years of low-coding / no-coding with DaDaBIK - DaDaBIK 10 "Manarola" is here

Hello everybody,
I am very glad to announce the release of DaDaBIK 10 Manarola.

It's a very important anniversary: not only it's v.10 but DaDaBIK also turns … 18!

I published the very first 1.0 beta release in November 2001. I started to build DaDaBIK because I felt frustrated as a Web developer: I felt I was wasting my time dealing with repetitive coding tasks. What I needed was a flexible tool capable of handling those repetitive tasks for me, freeing up my time for more complex and unique tasks. The very first idea (back in 2000) was to create a smart automatic CRUD creator, one of the very first in the market. Creating such a tool seemed challenging and that was the other reason because I decided to start :)

After 18 years and 79 releases, I still use DaDaBIK to build Web applications and thousands of other people (coders and non-coders) from all over the world can also do it.

I have spent a lot of energy on this new version, I really wanted to build something special to take DaDaBIK to the next level as a low-code no-code development platform and I hope you will like it.


The list of new features is very long, I'll just mention a few of them here, please have a look at our release video for a more detailed analysis and check our new online demo.

DB admin
Create and alter tables directly in DaDaBIK without the need to use PHPMyAdmin or similar tools. You don't need to start from an existing database or Excel file anymore. You can create your database with DaDaBIK.

FORM configurator live preview
Stop jumping back and forth from the form configurator to your final application. You can now see a live preview of a form WHILE you are setting the form configurator, in the same page.

Conditional fields
Show/hide a field in a form according to a custom function (e.g. according to the value of another field).

Revisions / Audit (platinum only)
Track a version HISTORY of your data and see - through a convenient interface - WHO and WHEN changed your records.

HTTP API (platinum only)
Integrate DaDaBIK with other applications: authenticate and select records via an HTTP API, getting replies in JSON.

Pivot tables
Create reports using summary/pivot tables to aggregate data; use them to build dashboards.

As usual, you can find all the new features and bug fixes in the change log and, as mentioned before, you can find an analysis of the new features in our release video on youtube.

You can buy your license here. As usual, if you already have a license, get your v. 10 copy from the upgrade page.

A few words about the name :) After "Monterosso", "Manarola" ( is another wonderful Italian village belonging to the "Cinque Terre".

Many thanks to all the beta testers, who went through three private beta releases during the last months: thanks for your time and for the fruitful Skype talks we had …. your feedback (positive and negative) contributed to shape V. 10 "Manarola" as it is released today and will contribute to shape future releases.

Merry Christmas and happy new year to everyone!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder