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DaDaBIK 9.4 Monterosso is out

Dear all,
DaDaBIK 9.4 is out!

This version fixes an SQL injection vulnerability which could allow an attacker to execute arbitrary SQL code. While the vulnerability was quite difficult to exploit, we recommend to upgrade: you can find all the details, together with the other issues fixed, in the change log.

There are also new features related to custom buttons and custom pages:

1) It is now possible to set if a custom button must be displayed or not according to a custom function. This is useful if you want, for example, to show a button only for a particular users group (regardless of the permissions they have on the table) or if you want to show a button according to the "state" of a record.

2) It is now possible to add a javascript confirmation dialog to custom buttons.

3) It is now possible (if granular permissons are ON) to set the permissions for a custom page as VIEW: "yes, but don't show in menu".

Again, you can see the complete list of the new features in the change log

As usual, if you are in your free upgrade timeframe, you can request your free copy from the upgrade page.

If you have a DaDaBIK ENTERPRISE/PLATINUM license and you are out of your free upgrade timeframe, you can also get 9.4 by purchasing a maintenance license (€79 / €99):

Have a great summer!


Eugenio Tacchini
DaDaBIK founder